Information for Prospective Members



For Membership information, please  contact the Membership Officer  via email at:-

  and include your name and contact details in the email.

Pistol shooting is heavily regulated by legislation. Handguns held under a target shooters licence may only be used on police approved target ranges.  More information can be found on the Victoria Police’s Licence Regulation Division (LRD) website.

The Ballarat Pistol Club is privately owned and managed by all club members. All club members are expected to contribute to the running of the club and the maintenance of the facilities.

  • Club members will be required to perform club duty (on a Shooting day) on average twice a year
  • And assist with working bees (usually held 3 or 4 times a year)

Pistol shooting is a sport enjoyed by all ages (minimum age of 12 yrs). Some of our members are happy to simply compete at a club level whilst others go on to compete nationally, internationally or even at the Olympics etc.

I am interested in pistol shooting – what should I do next?

  • Ensure that you are Not a Prohibited Person as per Victorian Legislation. See link:
  • Send an email to the Membership Officer ( to organize a date and time for a tour of the facilities.
  • Include your full name and phone number
  • You will be required to produce photo identification upon arrival at the club.
  • Your details, including address, will be recorded in the Club’s Visitor’s book.

Membership Fees:

There is currently a “one off” Joining Fee of $50.  The annual club fee may increase slightly from time to time.  The current annual fee is $350 (August 2023).  There are discounts for pensioners and juniors (12 to 17 yrs).



All members need to consult the club calendar and decide what range gear and equipment will be needed for the events to be shot on any day. For example – guns, ammo, spotting scope, patches, club id card, eye and ear protection etc etc..

If you don’t have your own firearm for the particular match, you will need to talk to the Membership Officer and ask for direction to the appropriate person to provide a suitable firearm. It may be better to make these arrangements the week before you need to borrow the gun and ask for advice on appropriate ammunition.

On arrival at the range, sign in, register with a Covid 19 App. as required.

Write your name on the board outside the range where your desired match is to be shot.

When it is your turn, enter the range and choose a shooting Bay – NO firearm is to be removed from its casing (case, bag, box etc) until instructed by the Range Officer.

Other equipment like spotting scope, score register, timing device, patches are permitted to be set up.

When advised by the Range Officer (this could be a direct command that guns can be uncased and placed on the bench or a command that preparation time has commenced), you are permitted to remove your firearm from its casing, lock the action open, remove the magazine and place the firearm on the bench with the muzzle pointing down range and the opening of the action uppermost AND insert a “barrel clear flag” into the breach end of the barrel.

The range commands vary slightly depending on the match being shot.


  • LOAD
  •  STOP or CEASE FIRE – If you hear either of these commands AT ANY TIME while shooting, you must immediately stop shooting and UNLOAD your firearm.
  • Detailed Range and Match procedures can be found by following this link:-